Rogers Gardens, Newport Beach, California
my first stop for inspiration  
for the approaching holiday season
first stop.... Halloween

They go all out for Halloween, and this year they called their creation The Night Gallery...
brought out the big guns...
Vergie Lightfoot, Scott Smith, Nicole Sayre, and other character artists
were featured in their display
Vergie Lightfoot's eerily human pumpkin faces

I love them.  They are so... creepy

Scott Smith - amazing sculptor/character artist

adored the witch

amazing detail from every angle

this creepy little witch skeleton was my favorite...

not sure of the artist on this colorful, fun, piece

loved the cheerful signs...

and the creative displays -

wanted everything I saw

including Senor Mariachi...

and his be-ruffled friend

But the skeleton puppeteer was the most eye-catching
neon orange
arms raised in suspended animation
 handcrafted puppet skeletons dangling from strings
just the right touch of creepy and fun

but this guy was uber creepy
mad scientist creepy

but oh, so creative

 don't try this at home, kids

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