SO HAPPY you will be joining us!!!
(Party attendance by Invitation Only)

1.  [Don't forget you need to wear a black hat!]

2. There are 4 Make and Take activities.  You may choose to do 1 of these, but don't feel obligated if you would rather just socialize.   Most of these are limited to 10 people, so let me know quickly which one you would like to do - its first come first served!  See below:

A.   WICKED WANDS....  These are not your ordinary wands - they are gnarly!  More like Harry Potter and less like Fairy godmother.

How fun to create a vignette like this...

B.    FASCINATING FEDORAS....   A mini top hat or conical hat on headbands.  They are ready to be embellished with all kinds of fascinating trims, charms, and your own signature touches.  (The pictures below are only examples - your hat will vary and be uniquely your own.

C.    PRETTY POTIONS....   Create a sparkling potion in a bottle - labels and embellishments are provided to make a very cool concoction...

 and a little spooky, too.

D.    HALLOWEEN BANNER....  All printed and ready to assemble - some ribbon and a little mod-podge is all that is needed - (bring your own scissors)

OTHER ACTIVITES - (no need to sign up) - WILL BE AVAILABLE!
(I'm personally very excited about the FOOD!)

DATE:      OCTOBER 6 (Tuesday), 2015
TIME:      6:00 P.M.
PLACE:   Barnett Manor (lol) [contact me if you need the address]



WITH JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS TO HALLOWEEN, I got busy tonight and made
a wreath for my front door.  I'd been thinking about doing this for a while and was hoping it would turn out like I wanted.

I LOVE him!  And I made this wreath from stuff I had collected at sales last year and this year....
I purchased the wreath at TaiPan this year - its a combo of grapevine and honeysuckle vine, but I'm sure a nice thick grapevine wreath would work as well.  It needs to be large, though.   Its best to get your skeleton first to make sure its big enough for him to sit comfortably...

Skelly was either a purchase from Michaels or World Market.  Fully articulated and about 3 feet tall - he was a steal at $14.99 (plus whatever discount coupon you can dig up for Michaels).  He's a little more gray in color than I like, but I think I could dry brush a little white paint over him and I'd like him even better..

I found the goggly eyes last year thinking they might work in my large life sized skeletons - and they do - but I loved the way they made my wreath skelly look completely crazy because they were a little too big!

I guess I should call Skelly a 'Her' because I made the black velvet and black ruffled ribbon collars and couldn't find a top hat in the right size (they were either super large or tiny) so I added the witch hat for a little color.  So the collars are made of ribbon - use wired ribbon about 3 inches wide and gather the wire on one side and make a kind of knot in each end with the wire so it doesn't pull through... then just wind it around the neck - it will want to curl into rosettes anyway...

I had a little tuft of maribou feathers, and some 1/2 inch ribbon in orange and black, so I made a little bow to accent the collars (okay, definitely a girl skelly)...

The hat was from Michaels 60% off sale last year - it's on a headband, and I didn't glue it because I'm still holding out on the top hat....  I may have to try to make one...

I picked up the sign - also at Michaels (this year) and also on sale...  

I had the votive and I put a faux tea light inside - one of the best parts of this wreath is the glowing lantern Skelly is holding!

A couple of fuzzy spiders (picked up on sale last year at Rogers Gardens) hang around on the wreath, too.  I hung the one in front of the lantern because it would have disappeared against the black door...

A little wire to hold Skelly in place.... a wreath hanger... its done!
 Even Mr. B approves.  In fact, he LOVES her too...




I've never been one to do the whole costume thing at Halloween.
But I do like to add a little touch of something - like part of a costume
a wig, makeup, jewelry - something to add a little fun...
but a whole costume?.... not my style...

This year I'm seriously thinking of rockin' some Halloween head decor...

there is some seriously cute stuff out there...  read more..




Who could resist a pincushion that is
a wee mousie on a little pin box?

Or a flower topped tiny tuffet
made from a bottle cap?

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