Dear Lillie

Chalkboards are a wonderful way of conveying a holiday message - 
and they are so popular right now. 

Uncommon Designs

 I love the fun, casual and often beautiful look of them.

Chalkboard House

If you like the look but not the chalk, you can download a printable look-a-like to frame

Nest of Posies

but for me, I vote for the whole chalk and nothing but the chalk
There are true chalkboard artists out there who have taken this to an art form,

Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is one who's work I love

Dana Tanamachi

her composition is perfection...
Dana Tanamachi
So beautiful!


A simpler form can be an easy DIY project for the holidays.  And for me it needs to be a lot simpler!

You will need a suitable frame.  

Home Depot

Plain or fancy - 
your choice.

Home Stories A to Z

or if you prefer 'outside the box' ideas...

Pottery Barn

perhaps a tray is the perfect spot for a bit of chalk..


smaller thrift store trays can be little spots of cheer throughout your house

Unskinny Boppy
Chalkboards can announce a holiday...
Designer Digitals
or a Season...
Clarendon Lane

 or provide helpful assistance to the desert bar...

Sugarpie Farmhouse

 Sometimes a few well said lines set the mood..

Carissa Miss
(halloween printable)

 when you have in mind what you want to say, the DIY part is pretty easy.

Simply Vintage Girl

If you have a frame and a place to hang it, its a simple act to apply the chalkboard paint.

It comes in easy to use spray or brush on applications by Rustoleum, Krylon and Martha Stewart
to name a few...

Valerie McKeehan

and while you are at it you can prime with magnetic paint for a dual purpose
chalk and magnetic board....

Sarah Ortega

and for smaller, less permanent projects

Romantic Home

there is vinyl blackboard paper - by Contac and other manufacturers 
(I found mine at Amazon and Save-on-Crafts

French Country Cottage

by 'less permanent' I mean to say it is removable 
if perchance you wanted to temporarily turn a framed piece of art, tray or mirror 

Rustic Wedding Chic
into a holiday statement

The Red Chair Blog
or an adorable gift...

The Money Pit

(I used it at a recent wedding.)

Nest of Posies

I'm limited on my lettering skills, especially with chalk,

Lisset and Company
(purchase and download)

so I was quite pleased to discover Chalk markers -

Nest of Posies
(free download)

a liquid form of chalk that goes on smoother, like paint,

Better Homes and Gardens

has interesting chisel or round points for lettering

and dries to chalk form

Nest of Posies

(try Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon or Save-on Crafts

Shine Your Light

it can be removed (or corrected) with a damp sponge...

Toe Fish Art
(purchase from this Etsy store)

With tools like that, I think I could tackle the simpler designs

Lily and Val
(available as a card from this Etsy store)

  I also found a few tips for creating a design, by seasoned chalkers:

BNN Crafts

[plan your design on paper first

Kyle Naylor Design

to make sure everything will fit as you want it to]

[you can get chalk at the dollar store!]

Modern Hepburn

[q-tips are your friend (to even out lines or remove small blunders, just dampen and rub)]

Clean and Scentsible

[remember to season your chalkboard first, or when you erase you will have lines...]
(season used to mean cover with chalk and then erase...)


When it comes to sentiments to put on your holiday chalkboards

My Sweet Savannah
(free tutorial and download)
you are only a song away from the perfect phrase

Dear Lillie

try a line or two from a well-loved Christmas carol

Musings from a French Cottage

You simply can't go wrong with the classics

Holly Mathis Interiors

to bring about a little holiday cheer.

320 Sycamore

Some of the calligraphy is so beautiful



Etsy (Lily and Val)

here are some pointers for great chalkboard lettering

Dear Lillie

change up sizes and styles of fonts

Main Street Chalk

choose a phrase that means something to you
Sweet Paper Designs

 put it in a great setting..

Catherine Holman

add a little decorative touch

Chalkboard House / Etsy Store

a bit of drawing...

Chalkboard House / Etsy Store

like boughs of holly

Love Pomegranate House

(free download)

or snowflakes...

or laurels

Lemonade Makin Mama

Try a little colored chalk or colored chalk markers...


for holly
Glamorous Bride

or berries


Hug Her Face

it may not be as perfect as the printable faux chalk boards...
Lily and Val

but it will be large on charm.


The Creative Mama
(free printable)

House of Smiths
Thistlewood Farm

 Chalkboard wreaths are my favorites by far...

Stone Gable

 they look great IN chalk -

French Country Cottage

but even better ON chalk

Folk Life Style

I just loved the dimension they added

Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed

Do you see a chalkboard you need to add to your Holiday decor?

Society 6

I know where this one would go....

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