Who could resist a pincushion that is
a wee mousie on a little pin box?

Or a flower topped tiny tuffet
made from a bottle cap?

or perched in a tiny tart tin...

How can you resist this little pillow complete with handcrafted fimo pins

 these would be ordinary without them

the pins create the fantasy

Among my favorites are these little hilltop houses in teacups

(this particular artist has many versions of this)

I discovered the world of adorable pincushions while searching for a pattern on how to make vintage style strawberry pincushions - 

I had a fantasy that I would make a bunch of them to put in a jar - 
and wouldn't that look so cute for my office/craft area....

but one look at the great variety of adorable pincushions - 
and strawberries were forgotten....

I didn't want strawberries.
I wanted hedgehogs with apple pins on top of jelly jars

or sniffing posies on little cushions

I wanted felted fungi on wine corks

with polka dots and zipper edges

or sprouting out of tarnished silver sugar bowls

I wanted floral fantasies
topping tiny wooden spools

and bee pins on beehives
busy little bees

on puffy little beeskeps

I still loved the strawberries.

They just were no longer enough.

My eyes had been opened to fuzzy chicks on embroidered eggs

Elephants on cupcakes

and Bunnies

Strawberries have their place.

They are iconic in the realm of pincushions

My grandmother had them...

She did not; however, have a flowerpot with mushroom pins
or a prickly fish....
she definitely did not have a spider on a cupcake

or a coffin!

She had strawberries
and maybe a few tomatoes

How lucky that we are so crafty today.
We have adorable!

Now I just have to figure out how to make some of these amazing pincushions.

Maybe I should start with strawberries.

They look easy.

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