You didn't believe me, did you?

When I said I was going to start Christmas crafting in January .....
I was completely serious...
[You can call them 'Winter Crafts'
or 'Valentines Crafts'
if it makes you feel better....]

here's what I'm trying first....

I fell in love with these houses as a little girl.
My parents had a row of them (the old putz houses) they would put lights in at Christmas
and set up on Angel Hair snow on a shelf.

A few years ago I began picking up a few old ones here and there on ebay.
Being over 50 years old and made of cardboard, they were a little bedraggled,
sometimes in strange colors and missing windows.
Still, they were adorable.

  About that time, I started seeing reproductions by Cody Foster and others - wonderful, glittering reproductions - and they weren't cheap.  The thought came to me that I probably wouldn't be that hard to make them.  How hard could making a little house from cardboard be?
[I may or may not have also fantasized about making gingerbread houses from cardboard - more permanent and less caloric]
wouldn't they be adorable?
Or maybe from that cinnamon applesauce dough that smells amazing....
just need something longer lasting than cookie dough...
but - back to subject...

I found I wasn't the only one loving the little houses and wanting to create them.
 I found patterns, and tips and started collecting materials...

they looked complicated and time consuming, and while I don't mind taking time and exploring
I wasn't sure about which ones to try 
and then wonder of wonders, I found Melissa Frances.  Literally.
I went to the CHA show last week
and met this lovely lady
who has a company that makes these kits

in fact, these houses have all been made from her adorable kits:

aren't they adorable?
ready to assemble
ready to decorate
ready to embellish!

I think that I will still try using the online patterns I found, but in the meantime...

 this is a great start!
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