Snowflakes are exquisite tiny crystals of glimmering ice - there are no two alike
so tiny and fragile, we cannot see their individual beauty with the naked eye...

but their collective beauty is a wonder to behold
especially at Christmas

lots and lots of snow
and there is nothing more beautiful
reflecting tiny white lights
at Christmas...
or dusting wreaths and windows
and making magic
No White Christmas in my immediate future...
no snowflakes here on the Southern California coast
we have to create our own
which is why I've been snapping up ideas from Pinterest
like this cute little snowman guy (available from etsy)
and this mason jar luminary
with epsom salt 'snow'
or a little snow globe scene

I am completely smitten with this little faux snow globe
 equally cute in the bottle or as an ornament...

I loved this so much, I decided to create my own....
Found some clear plastic ornaments at my local Michaels,
used an exacto knife to cut off the bottom,
added a cardboard bottom and a tiny tree in snow...
it was adorable!
I will be scoping out the dollar stores and thrift stores
for random white tea cups
to make these adorable sparkly ornaments....
I found a tutorial on how to bleach the little trees, here

and you can turn ordinary ornaments into to ice crusted beauties
with mod podge and epsom salts
who knew?
I love button crafts and felt crafts, so this tablecloth is right up my alley
plus, its so cute!

I saw these at TPT Home in Costa Mesa.
Branches of snowflakes and puffy little snowballs
A few came home with me....

LOVE all of these beautiful snowflake ornaments
can you picture them on your tree?

like this snowflake themed tree.

Here are a few more snowy themed trees

this white tree is lovely retro

love love love these snow laden branches...
the white flocked tree screams SNOW
but the blizzard of marshmallows on thread or fishing line is genius
I wonder where they got that idea from?....

How cute are these simple snowman cupcakes dusted with sparkling coarse sugar?
white chocolate snowflakes? 
where can I get these?
Remember cutting out snowflakes from paper in grade school?
I found actual patterns for snowflake cutting
to make this banner

or to create a snowstorm inside your front door..
make a little tree ornament from snowflakes
Giant snowflakes dress up this tablesetting
I'm loving this sooo much - where oh where can I find these

Sparkly snowflakes and frosty pinecones
a little garland
a little ribbon
I think I'd add a big fat bow
I love little paper glitter houses, too
You can make your own and cover the roofs with snow
the old vintage ones are hard to find - but I love them most
and they look completely charming inside
apothecary jars with lots of little snowy trees

Create snow in its simplest form - make a bucket of snowballs
coat styrofoam balls with mod podge
roll in epsom salts

you can do the same thing with candle votives
so amazing looking

Ready to create some snow?
I am
let me know if you want to join me..

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