are you a bone collector?

I confess I am at Halloween

Room to Inspire
I love skeletons and skulls

I'm perfectly fine with skulls and bones hanging about at Halloween...
I have a life size skeleton that gives me a bit of a start when I walk into a room, but that's to be expected... he's covered in silver glitter and wears a top hat.
that would make anyone jump a little.
so I'm sharing a few of my favorites to say

Happy Halloween
and thanks for supporting my creative blog...


it makes me sooo happy that you stop by!







(definitely making this next year!)

(I've had headaches that feel like this looks.....)

Happy Halloween everyone!
Hope it was Spooky.



Come in my pretties...
Sit a Spell....
(clever use of the word 'spell' there, in case you missed it)
I don't know the proper name for these.
Perhaps there isn't a proper name.
Perhaps you can call them whatever you fancy, since you are making them.
They are, after all, the product of an overactive imagination.

I've heard them called Potion Bottles and Apothecary Bottles among others.

I will call them Apothecary bottles.
Clearly labeled with 'oh so clever' paper labels...
by oh so clever and generous artists

 If you were in the business of making potions,
casting spells and toiling over a bubbling cauldron every day,
wouldn't you like them clearly labeled?
So much easier to get it right.
As promised, we are creating Apothecary or Potion bottles.
I'm trying to create something in the realm of this...

or this...

Picture your witch as you may, but mine is more like the movie Practical Magic....

Perhaps just a little wicked.  But definitely not evil.  No old crones here...

More likely to create love potions,
or perhaps a spell to find those lost socks.

I could use one of those sock spells.

 Still, the apothecary bottles have that slightly creepy look
that makes for good Halloween atmosphere.

Here's what I made....

and here's the
(my very first - so be patient with me)

I found a few bottles with corks at the local craft store (Michaels) and a few more at World Market. [The craft store had the better prices, and more interesting shapes.] 
First, print out labels to fit the bottles

 Distress the labels by crumpling them up
and smoothing them out
(In researching this tutorial, I saw that some people tea dyed the labels
 by laying them in a bath of black tea. 
Although you can certainly do that if you wish,
I think I came up with a simpler and less time consuming alternative that ages the labels nicely.)
Next, using mod podge, I coated the backs of the labels and applied them to the bottles.

the crumpled labels had the added advantage that they
molded nicely to the curves in the bottles
wipe off any excess mod podge with a damp rag
set them aside to dry completely
I thought the bottle corks looked a little spiffy and new -
not at all like they had been sitting on a dusty old shelf forever. 
so I used the Distress Ink (Jim Holtz) in Walnut
to dirty them up a little.
when they still were not dry after what seemed like forever, I decided to apply a
coat of mod podge.  It actually smoothed out the ink a little and made it
more uniform - happy accident!
These bottles needed to look older than dirt,
so I dirtied them up with a bit of distressing ink to the labels
I rubbed the dry sponge brush over the ink pad and then onto the bottle label
 has the same effect as tea dying, but without the mess, or the drying time
 take care to get the edges of the label where some of the white paper may show through

Fill them with whatever you like.
Cork it.

Wrap the neck with twine, burlap or some of the creepy cloth you can pick up this time of year - (basically dyed cheesecloth)
I used both..

I thought about sculpting my own skull beads -
for about a nano second -
and was happy to find you can purchase them -

I found these skull beads at Michaels.
some loose in a bag
some from a bracelet
all cheap
I found some charms and beads on sale, as well
so this is my first effort at apothecary bottles....
it wasn't hard at all!  and I love how they look...
Still working on a few, but wanted to get this posted before Halloween!
bottles with corks
twine (jute)
distressing ink
mod podge
printed labels
burlap, gauze or creepy cloth
skull beads
hot glue
feathers and twigs
stuff for the insides of the bottles:
I would absolutely LOVE to see the bottles you make. 
Please, Please send me photos to my email - I will feature them on a post!
we are going to be such good friends!
so excited!

Coming UP:

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