It's happening again....
I must stop this... now!
Thankfully my friend Christina asked me to help her with a project for our women's group.

We were inspired by these posts on Pinterest....

You can try their tutorials, or join in our version....

We decided to do a 10x10 inch square block of wood
(Lowes cut a 2x10 into 10" squares for us (slightly off square because wood is measured by the size before it is milled and will be slightly less than 2x10)

First, sand the wood block smooth.
We used white spray paint - matte - for )
Apply a second coat when that is dry
And when that is dry..

Use 1" painters tape to create the stripes
but get the really good non-bleeding type*
I didn't.
I had to re-tape, and repaint.
*my favorite is Frog Tape - which you can pick up at your local home improvement store

[see, with my tutorial you get the benefit of my mistakes
without having to actually make your own... :) ]

just use a strip of the tape as your spacer between stripes
and don't forget to tape around the sides as well

(ignore the white paint - this one needed another coat)

next, paint your stripes
(I used regular craft paint and a sponge brush - you can also use spray paint)
let it dry between coats

[3 coats gave great coverage and looked best]
once the paint is dry to the touch
you can remove the tape.

while your stripes are drying
you can paint your star

[we found our 8" metal star at Michael's - a decoration for 4th of July - for $3.99
It had some country style decorations on it, which I removed,
and the colors were definitely country style.
It took 2 - 3 coats with drying time in between - to get good coverage with the craft paint

 The star had a small hole for hanging, so all it required was a small nail
(and excuse the bleeding edges -- this was prior to Frog Tape...)

This inspiration photo used wider tape.  

Not promising anything.... but I have lots of 4th of July crafts I'm hoping to make....
so stay tuned!

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