that makes it impossible for me to get to even one of the projects I've been waiting all year to do?
I'm seriously thinking of starting in January, so I actually get some of my holiday crafts done - maybe do 1 or 2 a month.  Could I?  Would it make me sick of Christmas if I dabbled in it all year long?  Could I ever be sick of Christmas?

For example, I collected ideas all year for paper crafts.  I just think paper is so versatile.  I love all the things you can do with a book page, or sheet music, or plain old . . paper!  And how hard is it to get paper?  I mean, anyone can make a craft with paper - right? 

So I have these great ideas....

 for paper trees
folded or pleated

plain or embellished

all adorable

polka dot, glittered or fringed

and I didn't make ONE...

And I had ideas for paper ornaments,
fancy accordion styles

some with tinsel, some with crystals

and this one, [please someone tell me how to make it] is from book pages

and this one from sheet music 
 and all with glitter
I have pinecones

and snowflakes

cones, and

paper embellished tart tins 

 ideas for decoupage

and ways to make stars from cereal boxes
and candy containers from toilet paper rolls

all adorable and ingenious, and surprisingly

Even feathered friends, without feathers

and paper flowers
  love these with the teasel centers!

and I haven't made ONE!

If I could have made just one, adorable, wee, glittering
cardboard house

 I would have felt so - fulfilled!
or mastered the art of making one of these beautiful, intricate, curled, glued and glittered
quilled snowflakes

 that would have been amazing!...
 but, I failed... and
I have only 4 days left.....

(I'm definitely going to have to continue my Christmas crafting all year  - I mean, seriously, these are only the PAPER ideas - you haven't seen the felt, fabric, wood, glass, button, wire, clay....)

I have 4 days left -
what one would you do?
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