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I don't carve pumpkins.
It's the pumpkin slime
 (Or, the slime combined with raw pumpkin smell)

Made in a Day
It turns my stomach
Martha Stewart

But I do love to see pumpkins
Martha Stewart
glowing happily
on a dark, crisp, halloween night

Country Living
its iconic halloween decor
who doesn't love that?

Better Homes and Gardens

We have carved our fair share of pumpkins
slime and all.
Country Living
but if truth be told
even without the slime
Martha Stewart
I dislike spending hours scraping and carving
only to have to do it again next year

Fresh Home Ideas

so, it was definitely my happy day when foam pumpkins came on the scene
Martha Stewart

  light weight, carvable, reusable


 and light-able
provided you use battery or electric lights
(no flames please)
Pumpkin Rot
they won't rot

Country Living
they are paintable...
Alisa Burke

Crystal and Company

You can paint real pumpkins. You just have to do it again next year....

Paper Princess Studio

Rose of Sharon Garden

Making the World Cuter
I still love real pumpkins, and use them in my decor
They are more beautiful, more unusual, more interesting in shape and size.
I don't however, pierce, cut or carve them. 
(it's a slime thing)

Twig and Thistle

Country Living
foam pumpkins are trim-able...
Frou Frugal

Elle and Blair

Poetic Home

Cottage Blue Designs

All People Quilt

All You
Empire Stilettos

Glittered Nest

Fabulous Finds

Little Birdie Secrets
Andrea Steed

Better Homes and Gardens
and the best feature of all...
Lauren Conrad

Dave Lowe Design
(I know, he's awesome, isn't he?)

So whether you choose SLIME or FOAM, I hope the photos above inspire you to try something fun and new with pumpkins this Halloween!  I would love to hear which pumpkins inspired you, and whether you do slime or foam.... so comment! please.
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