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I've found a few new favorites this Halloween
one of them is the sugar skull, Day of the Dead costume makeup
we are seeing so much of.
Even though it is not related to Halloween, and is in fact more spiritual in nature,
you can't deny the beauty of this symbolic makeup
and the reference to the skull or death makes it all the more intriguing as a costume for Halloween

Me, I don't dress up, but I like the art.
And the makeup.


I'm dying to do this on someone's face
(if anyone wants a full face makeup job for free
for a Halloween party - call me!)

Magdalena Radomska

Love the contrast of the pretty vs. terrible

Sylvia Ji

roses vs spider webs

Makeup Geek

and a nod to the skull

Deviant Art
a little haunting

Unnecessary UmLaut

with a lot of color, symbols and flourishes
which have special meaning to those celebrating Dia de los Muertos, November 2nd.

Arbor Collective

The beautiful face painting is relatively new in this cultural celebration


the tradition was to wear skull masks
and to give and offer sugar skulls

Makeup Pics

the face painting has become popular in later years
and embraces the decoration of the sugar skulls withouth losing any of its important meaning

Scary Sweetheart
it is a remembrance of death
of those who are missed

Arbor Collective
by Sylvia Ji

and of overcoming the fear of death.

Uncle Festa

flowers are important and lead the beloved deceased back with their scent


Marigolds were the flowers most chosen because of their strong scent
but the art usually depicts roses - they are more beautiful

Low Rider Arte
by Daniel Esparza

flower petals are depicted around the eyes
and the face is painted to depict a skull with eyes and nose blacked out
and teeth represented by lines on the mouth


the earliest depiction of the beautiful lady as skull "La Katrina"
was in 1913 depicting that even beauty, power and wealth cannot escape death

Sylvia Ji
Arbor Collective

in 1913 Katrina was depicted bald beneath her large hat,
but I kind of like the skeleton with 'big hair' look

We Heart It

[I know this is a very brief, simplified, condensed version - just to make you want to learn more :)
Google Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead to find out more.]

We Heart It

the makeup is a little scary sometimes
scary beautiful...

what's your favorite look this Halloween?
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