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 It's only fitting that my first post should be on Halloween.
I am, after all, the Queen of Halloween.
At least that is what my son would have you believe.
Last year he asked if I could keep the Halloween decorations up until Thanksgiving
when he would be home from college.  I sent him a picture instead.
Thanksgiving was a little long to keep the decor up, even for the Halloween Queen.

I can't recall a single Halloween decoration in my home growing up that didn't include my own rudimentary drawing skills and pumpkin seed slime.  No wreath, no corn stalks and not more than one carved pumpkin....  My parents viewed Halloween as an inconvenient event to endure.  Fear of 'tricks' was the only reason candy was given.  Okay, I'm kidding.  But, not about the decorations.  In their defense, there wasn't a lot to choose from back then.  Costumes for Trick or Treating were homemade, pulled together at the last minute.  They may have rolled their eyes at our get-ups, but they got a kick out of the neighbor kids when they came to the door for the candy.

Perhaps it was my Halloween decor deprived childhood - but I think 7 boxes of Halloween decorations might be just a little bit over the top - hence the Queen title.  We aren't talking shoe boxes here.  This year I'm going through the boxes and getting rid of everything that doesn't fit into the look I'm hoping to achieve - a kind of spooky, dark, creepy but cute, gothic fun feel.  Sort of Hogwarts/Haunted Mansion/Hocus Pocus.   Confused?  Good, we are on the same page.

In my formal living areas I want a black and white Witches Parlor theme (mostly black).  I want to create a Witches Apothecary so I've been collecting items with which to create potion bottles.  
Like labels. 
 I have a lot of labels. 
 You can have them too.

How you say?  Email me ( and
I will send you a file full of over 200 jpg labels you can resize
 and print on your own printer.
[And it would be really super duper nice of you to follow this blog.]
I could call it my first giveaway, but all I did was gather them really, they are all out there for free -
I just did the legwork.  But I'm happy to pass them on.   
Here's a little preview...

 and many more.....  awesome, aren't they?  this kind of creativity always amazes me -
the work that goes into creating something like this! thanks to the authors of these for making them available to those of us not so talented in that department....

 Use them to create something like this....

A Fanciful Twist

that's what I'm doing with them - 
and I'm going to put them into a collection like this....

Vintage Trifles

so creepy awesome!  this is perfect and looks kind of more 'authentic' if you will.
I even have a shelf I can paint black and back with book pages
and a few witch 'personal effects' like the coin purse - some tins - love it.

Pinterest (no other resource)
I love the painted black bottles - black matte spray paint (?) 
and I'm assuming those drips are actual Ogre Snot - ha!

so the black paint is cool, don't you think? 
I need a little more than just slapping a perfectly new label on an empty bottle, though.
I like it to look a little bit like it could maybe be real - in a fun sort of way - kind of like Disneyland.  
Or Hogwarts.
adding a little more to them makes them more creepy.  
Love the veritaserum label - if anyone knows who makes this.....let me know

Pinterest (no other source)
love this look too- the hang tag is from a rubber stamp available here

oh, and I found a white ceramic owl I'm going to paint black and cover in black glitter -
a trick I saw recently - somewhere on the web
I love this cabinet, though - looks like an ancient dentist cabinet
Strong Photography
I LOVE this.  It is at once mad scientist AND creepy 
 I know there must be a source for preserved seahorses, I remember seeing them long ago...
probably find them on Amazon - they have EVERYTHING on Amazon... :)

the moss and old key are effective here, don't you think?
I also have a lot of dust around the house..... that ought to add to the overall effect.

Liss Productions
Anyone have an old style barbecue or fireplace?  I need ashes.
and I need this cool label.
this one is my favorite.  
created by an extremely imaginative and talented person at Pumpkinrot
but I think this person actually made the little skulls from clay
and I love the twine, cork and distressed label
it looks positively ancient
Disney would be proud
another awesome bottle
I don't know about the contents though
looks disgusting
I have visions of that getting jostled off of the cabinet and falling to the floor
and me having to clean it up
I think the black bottles may just be the way for me to go
so I don't have to have disgusting sludge in them
and happy day
it looks like you can actually purchase skull beads
I'm glad because I wasn't too sure about my clay skills

Gothic Rose Antiques
EVERY witch's parlor needs one of these
isn't this just scrumptious?
and I do have an old cash box like this...
I need smaller bottles.... and vials..... and old rusty scissors... and bones...?

here are more label sources

not free, but too great to pass up - you can buy from Etsy:
from Magicpug
from Chocolate Rabbit
from DreamLoft
from FreakishlyAdorable

Next post - progress on my apothecary/potions project - 
{yup, I'm taking you along for the ride}
isn't this a cool label idea using foil embossed stickers?
I'm going to make hats
HATS? you say?   
just wait!

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